How it all began

At the age of 7 started playing the instrument called “Daff” and it was then when his music talent had begun. after imigrating to the us his vision and motivation expanded and started learning about music making software’s and created mashups and remixes. during his college years he completed Commercial recording/sound engineering courses and accomplished to learn and master the music software “LOGIC PRO”.

In 2008 Began playing with CDJ’s and looking at his music hero’s like Armin Van Burren, Tiesto, Hardwell and…, it was there that I found my interest in Dj ing for crowds and making people dance with my uniques style of mixing techniques. since then it has been more then a passion and love to play music for people and having a BLASSST. What makes Me unique from other DJ’s is my technicality and and willing to risk and play a different style music..